Mind to Market is a pre-seed fund investing in startups with high growth potential at the very earliest stage. Mind to Market will invest $25,000 to $50,000 toward creating a minimally viable product, assembling a team and preparing a company for traditional seed financing.  If you are an entrepreneur with a scalable solution to an existing problem, please apply.

My co-founder and I were accepted into and successfully graduated from the Mind to Market program. We were provided valuable feedback on our business plan, forecasting models, and our pitch as we prepared to present our Medcurity vision to the Mind to Market team. We were awarded $50,000 in pre-seed money to fund our minimal viable product. This allowed us to bring Medcurity to market in four months and to immediately start realizing revenue. During the program, we were provided with multiple contacts for future fundraising efforts. This paved the way to teaming with future investors, to expanding our platform and our team. I’ll be forever thankful to the Mind to Market team for believing in and supporting us!

- Amanda Hepper, MedCurity

Mind to Market was such an incredible opportunity and learning experience early on that I'm not sure we would be around without them. The early stage funding gave us the ability to go figure out what worked and what didn't work which I think is the most dangerous period of time for a startup. The lessons we learned about pitching, creating financial models, and how the whole thing works were invaluable as we went on to raise more money less than a year later. We found mentors who were truly interested in us as founders and what we were building, many of whom we still lean on in unfamiliar situations. Mind 2 Market was the bridge that we needed in a vulnerable time for a startup and put us in front of people that not only wanted, but also pushed us to succeed.

- Nick McLain, OddJobbers


If you are an entrepreneur with a scalable solution to an existing problem and are interested in participating in the M2M program, click below to complete an application.

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Learn More About M2M

Learn More About M2M

We have created a series of M2M orientation videos that provide an overview of the program, process, expectations and outcomes. Click on the links below to view each of the brief M2M orientation videos:



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