Mind to Market (M2M)

Mind to Market is an early stage accelerator focused on commercializing viable, scalable ideas. This program is a collaboration between Startup Spokane, Mind to Market, LLC (a pre-seed investment fund), and a myriad of community stakeholders.

M2M has three major components:

  1. Rapid commercialization
  2. Pre-seed investment fund
  3. MVP (operations focused)

Unlike other accelerators models, M2M is not cohort-based meaning that an individual entrepreneur (along with cofounders) can apply to start the program at any time throughout the year.

Rapid Commercialization
Upon approval into the program, entrepreneurs are paired with an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) who will lead them through individualized intensive coaching for an average of two weeks. During this time, the entrepreneur is expected to achieve specific outcomes. The success, pivot or fail fast approach significantly reduces the amount of time the entrepreneur will spend validating their business model. This phase is intended to lay the foundation from which the entrepreneur will go on to pitch for funding between $10K – $75K, which will allow them to build their minimum viable product (MVP).

Pre-seed Investment
Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the first phase of M2M will have the opportunity to pitch their startup to the M2M, LLC investors. Many entrepreneurs can use the award to create a minimum viable product, which is what most Seed investors will expect to see before making larger equity investments.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP – Operations)
Many accelerators struggle with helping entrepreneurs be successful beyond training and funding and many entrepreneurs have expertise with their product and/or service but may not have the knowledge or experience to manage other aspects of the business. M2M has identified the critical elements necessary for success and has established relationships with experts (subject matter experts, mentors, advisors) who can help the entrepreneur through this phase. The length of the operations phase is only limited by the amount of capital, the startup’s cash runway (burn rate), and the entrepreneur’s drive. M2M has partnered with University of Washington CoMotion Labs to leverage their statewide network of 150+ mentors, who will provide in-depth knowledge that will augment what currently exists in our local geography.

Apply Today
If you or someone you know has a scalable solution to an existing problem, and are interested in participating in the M2M program as an entrepreneur, click here to complete our online application.

Make an Impact
Contribute to the success of this program by offering your expertise. If you are a subject matter expert, mentor or advisor, please contact Megan Hulsey at startup@greaterspokane.org.

Learn More about M2M
We have created a series of M2M orientation videos that provide an overview of the program, process, expectations and outcomes. Click on the links below to view each of the brief M2M orientation videos:
M2M Introduction
M2M Application and Intake Process
M2M Rapid Commercialization Phase
M2M Pre-Seed Investment Fund
M2M Operations (MVP) Phase

For more information on this program, click here to read the blog post or here to listen to the podcast.