Spokane has a business community that is second to none in readiness to help entrepreneurs through their first steps.

We want to make sure our startups can quickly connect to expertise, services, and plug into the existing business community.


Step 1: Get Connected To Startup Spokane

It goes without saying, connecting with startups means  firstknowing what’s happening in the startup community. Startup Spokane is the resource for all things entrepreneurship in Spokane. A few clicks, and you’re in the know.

Step 2: Participate In Spokane’s Startup Community Events

Spokane is hosting hundreds of startup and business related events each year, and we’re loading them into the calendar for you to follow. The best opportunity to meet those who might need your help is to mix in with those who need it.

Step 3: Decide How You Want To Help

At Startup Spokane, we give companies multiple options to share in building Spokane’s startup community. As an industry leader looking to get involved, your company can gain name recognition and connection opportunities by becoming a Startup Spokane sponsor, offer industry expertise by hosting Office Hours at Startup Spokane Central, or be listed as an industry resource on our Professional Connect page.